Kill that procrastination, with a tomato!

I’ve found a technique that shows promise in beating my urge to fiddle around but not get any actual writing done – it’s called the Pomodoro Technique and involves a lot of sensible work organisation tips all put together.

You work for a solid 25 minutes – a pomodoro, from the red tomato kitchen timer the inventor first used – without getting distracted (switch off the phone and the inbox) then have a 5 minute break from work.  You do all work inside these ‘pomodori’, including planning and reviewing the actual work you got done.

I’ve got a strange day of travelling tomorrow, but I’ll give it a try.  I should be able to allocate day-job pomodori (should be 15 or 16 on a normal day) and writing pomodori (maybe just one a day to start with?)  to keep things separate.

Read more about how I get on tomorrow evening.


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