Is perfect grammar possible?

I’ve started writing some articles at last (well, one finished so far, with some more outlined) and I hope to sell them through Constant Content. They are fanatical about perfect grammar and smooth style, so I’ve gone back to school (on the web, of course!) to try and polish my understanding and application of English grammar.

The CC site looks like a good one to be part of, but it’s only for professionals and I’m scratching to be that at the moment. I might even get some professional proofreading support on the first few articles, sort of ‘training wheels’ for a writer, to make sure I get properly accepted and become part of the CC team.

Is this a change from my strategy? I don’t think so. Article writing could form a reasonable chunk of my income after leaving my day job.

If I sell 500-word articles for £30 pounds, I get to keep 65% or £19.50 for each of them at CC. If I write three articles a day, on weekdays only, that’s 22 days x £19.50 x 3 = £1,287 per month. This, coupled with other income I have from pensions and investments, would be enough to pay my bills.

Writing three good articles a day — for ever — seems a tough ask, but I imagine a good number of them would be linked together: the first article I wrote was about the three essential elements needed to break boards in martial arts displays and training. Roughly: knowledge; technique; confidence. That’s another three articles right there — expanding on the three aspects I’ve outlined in the first piece. Coupled with the pomodoro technique I discussed before, it should be doable.

I’m still a bit cautious at the moment; I want to see at least one article sold before I start to put too much hope into this route.

Keeping fingers crossed …


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