Money rolling in…

I’ve been paid by Amazon!

I published my first short story Driven to Kill last May, mainly to check through the whole process from idea to purchasable ebook.

To check, I bought a copy myself and it downloaded fine to my Kindle.

Since then, I haven’t done anything to market the story and – surprise, surprise – no one else bought it.

I did enrol it into the Kindle Unlimited process, where Amazon customers can pay 8 quid a month or so and get to ‘borrow’ any books they like from those enrolled. A bit like a library.

Authors get paid if anyone reads their books, and they get paid by ‘page views’, so a short story gets paid less than a 120,000 word novel.

Someone must have read Driven to Kill sometime in November last year because I’ve just received an email from Amazon saying they are about to pay me 16 cents! Yes, that’s 10p in ‘real’ money 🙂

Time to get some more stories written.


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