Outlining my first full novel

So, I’ve made some progress, but it’s really hard work.

I’m outlining the story, and tinkering with the plot. I’m hoping that means it will all hang together well when the reader gets into it.

I’m currently planning three books in a trilogy. Each book will be a stand-alone story, but the stories build on each other with the same characters, making a bigger story overall.

I’ve been using Ulysses for most of it, but trying Scrivener as well.

More, soon, on the main character for the first book. Better get back to it!


Starting First Novel

OK, no more procrastination (apart from this blog posting, obviously!)

Starting the first novel today.

I’ve been knocking around a few ideas for a mystery thriller, and writing stuff up in Ulysses. It’s a Bank Holiday Sunday here in the UK, so no excuses. I’ll get on with some more formal outlining today.

I guess this post will either be the one that haunts me, and gets removed when I fail to follow through, or it will become one of my favourites to check back on when I do my writing stats.

OK, buckle up. Here I go!


Human Ant Farm

Just reading the ‘Wool Trilogy‘ by Hugh Howey.

Fantastic idea. Great story-telling. Thanks, Hugh!

The first one is about the crazy environment within a ‘silo’ – an underground community of thousands, who don’t know where they came from.

The second one (I’m half-way through) is a prequel, telling the story of who built the silo and why.

No idea what the last book will be about. I’m intentionally keeping away from Google on that score, to avoid ruining the story 🙂

On the plus side: it’s a great read, and a great lesson in how to craft great stories.

On the other side: it’s an excuse for me to delay writing my own stories and getting better, and it shows me how far I’ve got to go if I want to get good at this.


Money rolling in…

I’ve been paid by Amazon!

I published my first short story Driven to Kill last May, mainly to check through the whole process from idea to purchasable ebook.

To check, I bought a copy myself and it downloaded fine to my Kindle.

Since then, I haven’t done anything to market the story and – surprise, surprise – no one else bought it.

I did enrol it into the Kindle Unlimited process, where Amazon customers can pay 8 quid a month or so and get to ‘borrow’ any books they like from those enrolled. A bit like a library.

Authors get paid if anyone reads their books, and they get paid by ‘page views’, so a short story gets paid less than a 120,000 word novel.

Someone must have read Driven to Kill sometime in November last year because I’ve just received an email from Amazon saying they are about to pay me 16 cents! Yes, that’s 10p in ‘real’ money 🙂

Time to get some more stories written.