Canva for Kindle ebook covers

I used to make a better front cover image for my short story Driven to Kill.

Here it is . . .


It cost me $1, as the background photo was a chargeable item (lots are free).

It’s not the same class as those from proper graphic artists, but it’s much better than the one I made with Amazon’s image creator, and seems great value for $1.

A good cover image is apparently very important – potential buyers are unlikely to assume you’ve taken care writing a great story if your front cover is horrible.

There are tutorials on the site, and on YouTube, so I’d recommend giving them a go.


Frugal living and passive income

Been reading a few ebooks and websites about achieving financial independence, in order to jack in the day-job and get a better work-life balance and do the things you really want to do.

This is fundamental to my plans – so I was all ears (eyes?).

The two guiding principles are:

  1. reduce your regular outgoings to a minimum – practice frugal living;
  2. build up your sources of passive income (income you receive indirectly of daily work, like investment income or sales from ebooks you’ve already written).

The difference between these two represents the ‘earnings gap’ that forces most people (including me) to stick with their day-jobs: it’s regular income that’s needed for all the high regular outgoings you have to service.  If you have no earnings gap, you can choose (on any day) to do stuff with your family, work on building passive income faster, or even just stay in bed or go for a run.

The problem for nearly everyone is that every time they improve their income levels, they simply buy more or bigger ‘stuff’ and thus increase their outgoings to match.

More on this in a longer post soon (I have to row 6K, inspect two bee colonies, and drive 80 miles in the next 3 hours!), but I’ve already started taking a good hard look at our expenses and how I could build my passive income.  It’s building income while working full-time that’s the tricky bit.


Another book idea

I know I’m much better at coming up with ideas than I am at getting them completed (completed, Charlie, how about started??), but here’s another one: writing and publishing a zero-carbon-footprint book.

It will be a medium-length ebook that describes how I wrote and published an ebook without creating additional CO2.  Topics such as measuring carbon footprint, is carbon offsetting real, how to write on this iPad using only solar power, etc. will all be covered.  Should appeal to folks who want to understand those sort of issues better and are starting to write books themselves.  It will also be closer to my normal writing than a pure fiction book, so might be a good bridge to get me going (and I need that, as you know!)