Outlining my first full novel

So, I’ve made some progress, but it’s really hard work.

I’m outlining the story, and tinkering with the plot. I’m hoping that means it will all hang together well when the reader gets into it.

I’m currently planning three books in a trilogy. Each book will be a stand-alone story, but the stories build on each other with the same characters, making a bigger story overall.

I’ve been using Ulysses for most of it, but trying Scrivener as well.

More, soon, on the main character for the first book. Better get back to it!


Money rolling in…

I’ve been paid by Amazon!

I published my first short story Driven to Kill last May, mainly to check through the whole process from idea to purchasable ebook.

To check, I bought a copy myself and it downloaded fine to my Kindle.

Since then, I haven’t done anything to market the story and – surprise, surprise – no one else bought it.

I did enrol it into the Kindle Unlimited process, where Amazon customers can pay 8 quid a month or so and get to ‘borrow’ any books they like from those enrolled. A bit like a library.

Authors get paid if anyone reads their books, and they get paid by ‘page views’, so a short story gets paid less than a 120,000 word novel.

Someone must have read Driven to Kill sometime in November last year because I’ve just received an email from Amazon saying they are about to pay me 16 cents! Yes, that’s 10p in ‘real’ money 🙂

Time to get some more stories written.


Why am I doing this?

I need to be a lot clearer about my motivations for this site, I think.

A site works well when it has an author who’s got a passion for something that others care about, and puts in the time. If the site’s focus is good, and the writing’s good, the site becomes a place that gathers a group of regular viewers. If it has regular viewers, they’ll start to make comments and ask questions, and the whole thing comes alive.

I don’t think this site is clear enough, or well-supported enough by me, to get there in its current form. I need to be more focused, and I need to find a clear theme from my many interests – not just bang on about what I’m up to.

Good work, Charlie. You spotted a glaring problem. Now fix it!

My original intention was to chart how to get out of working for others in a big company and use writing as a way of earning enough money to pay the bills.

I’m not sure that’s exciting enough. It’s a bit too defensive.

I need to be creating stuff that’s interesting and useful to a readership, in a way that can have earnings attached somewhere downstream. Focus on creating a useful, thought-provoking, and fun site. Hide the writing process from view.

My experiments with Constant Content worked well enough to show that I could probably ghostwrite for other websites if I needed to. Cool.

Now, I need to do some proper thinking about how I should interact with the world more sensibly and positively.


Check out the new widget!

OK, I only have one article for sale, and it hasn’t sold yet. I can’t call myself a professional writer quite yet.

I’ve added the Constant Content wordpress widget to the sidebar, which shows any articles that have been proofread and accepted there, ready for sale. If you feel you’d like to publish an article on the three elements of breaking stuff with your hands, please head over to there and become my first sale 🙂

Today is about catching up with stuff around the home, but I hope to at least draft my next article, too; I should be able to do that in an hour or so.