Accountability circle update 1

Been at it for two weeks so far, and it’s really interesting.

Checking in every day with minutes spent on the writing project, or other supporting activities is a great idea.

It gives you a subtle nudge towards fitting in some writing when you can.

So far, week 1 was easier, whilst I was still on leave from the day-job.

Second week has been much harder. Catching up with lots in the day-job and trying to make time for writing, too, has been a real challenge.

Some days have been OK, but I struggled badly towards the end of the week.

More soon.

Targets for 2017


Get planning
Make a plan. Start with a dream, then set a goal, then get on with it!

OK, let’s get it out there. In 2017 I’m going to write my first full-length novel, in a series that I can extend to eight or more books.

To do this, I need to get into good writing habits, and spend time outlining, planning, writing, or editing every day.

To get into those habits, I’m investing in myself by joining a writing accountability and coaching group.

It’s run by Jenna Avery, and some of her colleagues.

It’s not cheap, but I’m hoping twelve weeks of being part of a writing group with active coaches will help me develop habits I wouldn’t develop if I continue trying it alone, and prove a good investment in the longer run.

I’ll let you know how I get on…


Canva for Kindle ebook covers

I used to make a better front cover image for my short story Driven to Kill.

Here it is . . .


It cost me $1, as the background photo was a chargeable item (lots are free).

It’s not the same class as those from proper graphic artists, but it’s much better than the one I made with Amazon’s image creator, and seems great value for $1.

A good cover image is apparently very important – potential buyers are unlikely to assume you’ve taken care writing a great story if your front cover is horrible.

There are tutorials on the site, and on YouTube, so I’d recommend giving them a go.