Accountability circle update 1

Been at it for two weeks so far, and it’s really interesting.

Checking in every day with minutes spent on the writing project, or other supporting activities is a great idea.

It gives you a subtle nudge towards fitting in some writing when you can.

So far, week 1 was easier, whilst I was still on leave from the day-job.

Second week has been much harder. Catching up with lots in the day-job and trying to make time for writing, too, has been a real challenge.

Some days have been OK, but I struggled badly towards the end of the week.

More soon.

Outlining my first full novel

So, I’ve made some progress, but it’s really hard work.

I’m outlining the story, and tinkering with the plot. I’m hoping that means it will all hang together well when the reader gets into it.

I’m currently planning three books in a trilogy. Each book will be a stand-alone story, but the stories build on each other with the same characters, making a bigger story overall.

I’ve been using Ulysses for most of it, but trying Scrivener as well.

More, soon, on the main character for the first book. Better get back to it!


I’m a professional writer!

Yes, one of my two articles has sold. I’m officially a professional writer, and I earned $16.25.

The article about the physics and psychology of martial arts breaking tests has sold after many months. I got an unexpected payment from PayPal a few days ago.

Right, my next goal is to have 5 articles up for sale. I need to get another 4 accepted by the CC editors. Technology articles are on permanent request, it seems, so I’ll try some of those.

Maybe an article on Chromebooks? I’ve tried the HP Chromebook 11 and understand them quite well now.

Not sure how long it will take me. Check back soon!


Life’s busy

I’ve been ignoring this blog. Apologies.

Life has got seriously busy at the day job. The business is all around writing ‘thought leadership’ pieces on various technology subjects, so right up my street and excellent practice for becoming an independent writer.

There are very few hours to do anything else, though, especially with time also needed for commuting, family, exercise, and sleep!

I’ve been ignoring Constant Content too; I only have three articles for sale, and nothing’s sold yet. I found the process for creating grammatically perfect writing really hard work; that translates into ‘taking a lot of energy and time’; I don’t have that extra energy or time to burn at the moment.

Moan, moan. So, what to do?

I still think CC is an excellent way to harden up my writing, and the high bar for article quality is a useful training aid – if I try and get gradually better, I’ll take short-cuts under time pressure. I need to burn through the energy barrier and make some time available to write again outside of work. I’ll try and go for really short pieces, to get some articles done. It will be a big boost to have something sold.

More soon. Honest!