Why am I doing this?

I need to be a lot clearer about my motivations for this site, I think.

A site works well when it has an author who’s got a passion for something that others care about, and puts in the time. If the site’s focus is good, and the writing’s good, the site becomes a place that gathers a group of regular viewers. If it has regular viewers, they’ll start to make comments and ask questions, and the whole thing comes alive.

I don’t think this site is clear enough, or well-supported enough by me, to get there in its current form. I need to be more focused, and I need to find a clear theme from my many interests – not just bang on about what I’m up to.

Good work, Charlie. You spotted a glaring problem. Now fix it!

My original intention was to chart how to get out of working for others in a big company and use writing as a way of earning enough money to pay the bills.

I’m not sure that’s exciting enough. It’s a bit too defensive.

I need to be creating stuff that’s interesting and useful to a readership, in a way that can have earnings attached somewhere downstream. Focus on creating a useful, thought-provoking, and fun site. Hide the writing process from view.

My experiments with Constant Content worked well enough to show that I could probably ghostwrite for other websites if I needed to. Cool.

Now, I need to do some proper thinking about how I should interact with the world more sensibly and positively.